Mariages Indiens

"I keep telling anyone I meet that this wedding was pure magic! The decor and layout you put in place made it spectacular. Every aspect of this wedding was so unique. I felt a great connection With all of you and K & R, they were really fabulous and focused during the rituals, it was a real pleasure to be with them, I will remember their wedding as the most delicious of all the ceremonies I attended and will participate again. Krishna! " S. Radharamana, Priest

Mariages Autres Saisons

The park has also donned his white dress! The other seasons have settled on Gascony, the vines are only dormant and at the Castle, the chimneys crackle ... What a great opportunity to gather, here, your loved ones to celebrate your love!

We offer you for this period attractive rates allowing you to add even more fantasy to your wedding project while reducing your expenses.


Château de Malliac

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