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It is since more than eight centuries that are connected the History of Gascony and that of the founder of this Chateau located south of Dordogne. He settled in the 12th century in the South-West of France on the territory of a Roman notable and during the next four centuries, he and his descendants left on the region their indelible mark. They are, in turn, crossed or consuls and participate in the construction of the bastide village (the oldest in Gascony). They are part of these local personalities who bequeathed to us castles, cathedrals and passionate legends.


Later, in the sixteenth century, one of their descendants, it is said, initiated his entourage to the rites of Armagnac, the oldest "eau de vie" in France. At the beginning of the XXth century, the family of the current owners acquires the domain and develops there its own brand of Armagnac, until placing it among the most requested values ​​of the French gastronomy.


Then the "Vignes de Victoire" took over. They produce for the property two wines of Gascony, white and red, reserved exclusively for the visitors of the Chateau.

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